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Born in Ravenna, Italy, 1959.
Since 2000, she has been creating catalogs and exhibitions for social aware local cooperatives. From 2003 to 2005, she was in charge of coordinated images for designer Stuart Weitzman displays, events and catalogs, shuttling between Milan and New York.
She has also created fashion catalogs for designers Cristina Rocca, AWL and the Lebanese Mona Mohanna.
Since 2004, she has been working with the bi-monthly Ravenna IN Magazine.
In 2012, she published her first book “A occhi chiusi” [‘With Eyes Closed’] published by Skira. Only 10 copies of each photo were printed.
In 2013, for a project by Unipol Insurance Company, she photographed 13 Italian cities.
In 2017, together with journalist and writer Manuela Dviri, she presented a feature on the rivers and seas of Israel, ‘The God of Small Waterways ‘ in the Italian magazine Vanity Fair.
Ten of her photos are kept in the department of prints and photographs at the Paris National Library.
Since day one, her photos, portraits and landscapes have been sold to art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs.

1988 – Roma, Galleria “Il Fotogramma” di Giovanni Semerano
1990 – Ravenna, Centro Culturale Comune di Russi
1990 – Lugo (RA), Centro Culturale Comune di Lugo
1991 – Sant’Alberto (RA), Casa Guerrini
1997 – Columbus OH (USA), Red Lion Arst Company
1990 – Ravenna, Loggetta Lombardesca
2000 – Auroville (India), Centro Pitanga
2000 – Ravenna, Hotel Cappello
2002 – Piangipane (RA), Teatro Socjale
2004 – Milano, Spazio Stuart Weitzman
2005 – Milano, Spazio Stuart Weitzman
2006 – Ravenna, Pala De Andrè
2006 – Fusignano (RA), Il Granaio
2008 – Faenza (RA), Studio Monica Zani
2012 – Ravenna, Galleria Il Coccio
2012 – Ravenna, Biblioteca Oriani
2013 – Fognano (RA), Convento Emiliani
2014 – Milano, Teatro Franco Parenti
2014 – Ravenna, Salara24
2014 – Ravenna, Centro “Lo Zodiaco”
2015 – Ravenna, Almagià
2016 – Fusignano (RA), Il Granaio
2021 – Milano, Nonostante Marras

1999 – Bologna, Daniela Facchinato
2005 – Parigi, 2° Salon de l’Art de Vivre Italien
2006 – Ravenna, Almagià
2010 – Ravenna, Centro culturale
2016 – Ravenna, Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste.